Pay per Head PRO Services Why?

The Pay per Head services offered by Pay Per Head PRO Services allows bookies to run their sports betting and gaming operations seamlessly.

We’ve hired the best personnel for the different areas of our company. Guaranteeing full satisfaction for each and every single client.

Here are the reasons why bookies should pick Pay Per Head PRO Services:

  • Premium solutions for affordable prices
  • Web-based, no downloads!
  • A completely secure service
  • Personalized attention
  • Premium solutions for affordable prices

    When a bookie becomes a member of Pay Per Head PRO Services, he and his players will receive premium solutions for prices that are more than affordable.

    With that said, we do charge bookies some of the lowest fees in the market!

    In other words: We’re able to enhance the operation of an agent with high-quality Pay per Head services; without forcing bookies to spend a lot.

  • Web-based, no downloads!

    Our Pay per Head services are also web-based. This means that our bookmaking solutions are always accessible using the internet.

    This means that agents can access our bookie software using their mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

    And doubtlessly, this is great for bookmakers because they can run their operations from anywhere in the world.

    The same goes for players: they can access our online wagering and gambling site to place bets or play casino games using their favorite mobile devices.

  • A completely secure service

    Our Pay per Head solutions are also very secure.

    This means that the security of bookies and their players is ALWAYS guaranteed.

    We don’t need the name or credit card data from players. This is the kind of information the agent keeps for himself.

    Instead, all we need is a user name and a password to register any sports betting and gaming activity.

    And, we record ALL action, so in the event of disputes, we can easily check the veracity of a claim.

    We take these and other security precautions in order to help agents protect their businesses in every possible way.

  • Personalized attention

    We also work with a personalized Pay per Head service plan.

    This means that after signing up, the manager that processed the request is going to work with the agent side by side; until the bookmaker feels completely comfortable with all the services.

    The reason we do this is because we want to make sure agents are fully comfortable with all the features related to all the Pay per Head services we offer.

    With that said, al of our products are very user-friendly.

    So, the setup process takes just a few minutes.

    And, from there on, we can provide the necessary guidance and orientation for the best possible Pay per Head experience.