Pay Per Head PRO Services is a Pay per Head company that offers sports betting and gaming services for bookmaking agents.

And, whether large or small, we’re able to assist any type of bookmaking or gambling operation.

Our company offers high-quality, affordable solutions for both the bookie and his players.

This means that when a bookmaker signs up with Pay Per Head PRO Services, we can take care of all the data management needs related to his operation.

These are the Pay per Head services offered by Pay Per Head PRO Services:

  • Bookie software
  • Online wagering and gambling
  • Call center betting
  • Full support and custom services

Bookie Software

This is the data management tool provided to the agent.

Using this sportsbook software, the agent is able to update the accounts of customers, and also check their current wagering and gambling action.

This is a fully mobile service. Meaning that it’s accessible using any smart device, such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

This particular Pay per Head service includes many bookie reports.

These reports offer real-time information. Which means that the agent is able to see exactly what’s going on with his operation.

And, this latter feature can be very effective when it comes to helping agents to spot situations that can generate them extra profits; or save them substantial cash.

Online Wagering and Gambling.

We provide bookmakers with the Sportsbook Software they need. And we also grant their players unlimited access to online sports betting and gaming.

This means that players can use their favorite mobile device to access a Pay per Head website.

There, they can place bets, or play casino games, such as PPH Poker.

This is also a fully mobile Pay per Head service.

Meaning that players can access the wagering and gambling site from anywhere; and get their action with full privacy.

Call Center.

Apart from web-based services such as our Sportsbook Software, we also offer unlimited access to call center wagering.

This is a price per head service that allows bettors to get their action over the phone on sports; and also on horse racing competitions.

Pay Per Head PRO Services provides this service from our offshore call center located in Costa Rica.

We count with modern offices, and the most experienced wagering clerks to provide players with the best possible experience.

Although online betting is very popular, bookies should also count with a top call center solution.

And the reason is because there are many players out there whom really enjoy the personalized experience related to a wagering calling service.

So, working with a top PPH Shop such as PAY PER HEAD PRO SERVICES is definitely how agents can make this premium service available to their clients.

Full Support and Custom Services.

At Pay Per Head PRO Services, we also offer full support for all the Pay per Head services delivered.

We count with separate departments for the different areas of our business. And so we are able to provide personalized support services.

This means that when a player calls, we know exactly what he needs. Allowing us to process every call fast, and professionally.

For more information on the different Pay per Head services from Pay Per Head PRO Services, give us a call at 1 888 379 4473, visit our contact us page (click here), or hit us up via live help here